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Our plants

Fresh delicious pancakes, round and delicious. Rationally produced on our modern pancake ovens with the special whistle. He brings the turnaround! Now bake pancakes without turning. The pancakes are baked on both sides at the same time.


Gastronomy standard

Our catering equipment is available in 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 pans.

All our systems are supplied with frequency inverters for stepless speed adjustment.

The size of the baking pans can be between 160 and 280mm. It is carried out according to customer requirements.

Each baking station can be switched in 6 stages. These switches are located directly on the round plate.

The top heat can be switched in 3 power levels.


Gastronomy Touchscreen

With our PLC controlled system you can regulate the temperatures of the baking points as well as the top heat individually, this allows you an always consistent result.

Operation is via a 7 inch touch screen.


Gastronomy Special order

Special designs according to customer requirements are no problem for us, whether powder coating or external controls for flush mounting.

Let us know your individual task.

Industrial design

Pancake baking machines with 18, 24 or 36 baking positions, the industrial version for the fully automatic baking of pancakes and other liquid dough products.


An automatic filling of the pans with oil and dough is also possible.

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